Quotes and Musings

By Gino

“Live in the Grey Area”

“I pursued an artist career because it’s the one thing that makes me feel like love, like being one with nature, like feeling something greater than yourself.”

Given a Serious Task
Now you’re grown

Be Brave Enough
To do What Makes You Happy in Life
But if you hurt someone…

Quick Train of Thought
Never used as therapy

99¢ Store
Fed me

“Every day is a new chance to do something great whatever that means to you.”

“I’m inspired by the human condition. What people have overcome and their stories. Also, nature and its unforgivingness, its honesty and its color.”

“Live Life for Today… Art for Pete’s Sake”

I thought
Then I forgot
That’s Life

I rented a movie
Just to fall asleep

Pop Snap Crack Scrap
Soundtrack of my life

See you through These Shapes

I would describe my art as a colorful view on serious subject matters with a dash of sarcasm and inspiration.